The Scion Militia Series is the collection of the stories of the Scion Militia, as they go from Militia Organization to World-Changing Corporation, back to Militia Organization, to Interstellar Superpower.

Scion Militia: Mexican Cartel Wars (2011-2023)Edit

Because of tensions rising from conflicts with illegal immigrants and cartel raids, Texas and a group of other South-West states (peacefully) seceded from the USA. However, seeing this as a chance to take over Texas, the Cartels take over the Mexican government and invade the new Republic of Texas. With the Texas Military caught off-guard, Texas's only hope is a group of school-age and college-age students, led by the intelligent Carl Zinnet, the fearless Elizabeth Adams, the well-equipped Rachel Grayson, and the shifty Devin Willer, as they form a new, 3rd faction in the war that'll turn the tide in Texas's favor: the Scion Militia.

Scion Militia: Columbian Cartel Wars (2030-2041)Edit

It is 7 years since the end of the conflict with the Mexican Drug Cartels. The Scion Militia's research of the Alien Tech Cores have led to the invention of a new power core that can replace Gasoline as the world's most valuable resource. Quickly patenting it and selling it, the Scion Militia becomes a multi-quatrillion dollar organization called the Scion Corporation. Carl Zinnet and Elizabeth Adams (now cured of her asthma) are now married and co-operating the Scion Corporation, with the Military Forces under Carl, and the business branch under Elizabeth. However, the world's leading gasoline corporations, jealous of the Scion Corporation's success and angry over being forgotten, have allied with the Columbian Drug Cartels, to destroy the Scion Corporation and take over the world. Now, under threat and with the support and tech of half the world's militaries, and aided by their old friends Devin and Rachel Willer, Carl and Elizabeth must lead the Scion Corporation into the jungles of South America, to finish off the renegades, where they uncover an insidious plot against the world......

Scion Militia: Corporate Evil (2132-2140)Edit

It is over a century since the original Scion Militia formed into the Scion Corporation, and buearacratic elements have taken over and, forgetting why the Scion Militia was formed, set out to take over the world. With the Experimental Ragnarok Sky Fortress and Leviathan Class Ballistic Submarine under their command, the world's only hope is the Reformed Scion Militia, under the command of Julian and Melody Zinnet, great-grandchildren of Carl and Elizabeth Zinnet; and their main superweapon: the Farron, a modular orbital spacecraft stolen from the Scion Corporation equipped with a powerful laser weapon. With the Farron at their command, they are forced to challenge a major world power in a conflict the likes of which weren't seen in over a century.

Scion Militia: Space and Beyond (2440+)Edit

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