Scion Militia
Vital statistics
Faction Type Heavilly Equipped Militia
Faction Leader Carl Zinnet
Population 394
Motto "Summoned when our friends are in need."
Year Formed 2011
Year Dissolved
Status Active
Capital Giruvegan

This page contains the history of the Scion Organization as a whole, as well as the specifics of the Scion Militia (2011-2023).

The Scion Militia was a group of Middle School, High School, and College Students that have joined together to help the Texas Military fight off the Mexican Aggressors and soon grew into an Interstellar Empire.


Leadership StructureEdit

The leadership of the Scion Militia is divided into its separate divisions. All primary leadership, however, is held in Force Hashmal, specifically Carl Zinnet, the 'Bringer of Order' of the Scion Militia. When Carl's off-base, Elizabeth Adams is in charge.


Division Name - Division Leader


Scion Militia technology originally started out as nothing but guns and tanks they could either obtain from abandoned National Guard stockpiles or what they could make in junkyards. However, when they were forced to relocate, they found themselves at Area 51. This resulted in a major technological boost. This included a collection of Alien-Tech Power Cores. They used these for various super-weapons and their naval flagship: the SMV Leviathan.

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