Elizabeth Adams-Zinnet
Vital statistics
Title/Code-Name 'Sylph'
Gender Female
Age (at introduction to the series) 16
Faction Scion Militia/Scion Corporation - Force Hashmal
Equipment M4 Carbine, .9 mm Pistol
Rank Militia 2nd in Command and Leader Aide (Mexican Cartel Conflict), Co-leader of the Scion Corporation and Head of Corporate Affairs (Columbian Cartel Conflict)
Status (As of 2030) Alive
Location Giruvegan

Elizabeth Adams is Carl Zinnet's only true friend, and is his 2nd in Command in the Scion Militia. She suffers from a rare and unusual form of asthma. It is known that before the Columbian Cartel Conflict, she marries Carl.


Early LifeEdit

Mexican Cartel WarEdit

Columbian Cartel WarEdit

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