Carl Zinnet
Vital statistics
Title/Code-Name 'Bringer of Order'
Gender Male
Age (at introduction to the series) 17
Faction Scion Militia/Scion Corporation - Force Hashmal
Equipment Hold-out Railgun Pistol (Alien-Tech Core), MP5, .9 mm Pistol, Chemistry Grenades
Rank Militia Leader
Status (As of 2030) Alive
Location Giruvegan

Carl Zinnet is the son of retired United States General Donnigan Zinnet and is the leader of the Scion Militia. His only best friend is Elizabeth Adams, a long-time friend of his that became his aide and 2nd in Command in the Scion Militia, then his wife prior to the Columbian Cartel Conflict.


Early LifeEdit

Mexican Cartel WarEdit

Columbian Cartel WarEdit

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